Norbert Engelberts

Norbert  P. Engelberts is the founder & owner of Optimal Thermal Solutions  BV (OTS) and has been actively involved in electronics cooling since 1992. Prior to OTS, Engelberts and Kaveh Azar did establish and grow ATS-Europe BV, the European engineering and sales office of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc, located in the Netherlands.  Engelberts is co-owner and managing director at ATS-Europe BV.

Before that he headed the Thermal Design and Environmental Testing Group for Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies (now Alcatel-Lucent). During his 11 year tenure at Bell Labs, he was responsible for the thermal management and environmental testing (indoor and outdoor) of all telecommunications system equipment developed by the company in the Netherlands. In addition, Engelberts also brings with him expertise in HVAC system design, particularly those that house telecommunications and networking equipment.

Works as a senior consultant for market leading companies in the area of semiconductor, telecom, military, automotive and lighting. He has an extensive experience in the thermal management of LED based lighting solutions for a variety of applications, including automotive, street lighting, led replacement lamps. He has published several articles in “Qpedia – Electronics Coolings Magazine “and teaches 1-3 day courses in cooling of electronics.